Vinyasa Flow with Rosibel Márquez


Discover your strength, flexibility and confidence

Vinyasa is a more physically demanding type of yoga that builds your strength and flexibility in particular. During movements and exercises, it works intensely with your breath to create a smooth flow of energy.

Looking for a challenge for yourself and your body?

Discover a course that will help you take everything you know about yoga to the next level. Do you have some basic knowledge of Yoga, practice it regularly but would like to improve your strength and flexibility? Would you like to improve your mobility and balance? Are you eager to try new and adventurous poses?

Then Vinyasa Yoga with Rosibel Márquez is right for you.

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Do you love intensity, challenges and pushing boundaries of body and mind?

In this course you will learn:

Synchronize breathing with exercise

Together we will find better harmony in our movements, learn to concentrate on each moment and better synchronize our movements with our breath.

Challenging positions and smooth transitions between them

We will focus on a sequence of movements and postures that are suitable for intermediate yogis. At the end of the course, you will gracefully master even the very challenging poses.

Strengthen your stamina and increase flexibility

We will build our strength and flexibility through strength and repetitive movements such as descending to plank, plank positions and squats.

Calm your body and mind after a hard workout

We will learn meditation elements that will help us calm the mind and improve overall concentration after a hard workout.

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Badass yoga with a badass yogi

Rosibel Márquez is a walking testament to what Vinyasa yoga can do to your body and mind as she approaches every challenge head-on and with a positive outlook. In the same way, she has been motivating her students in his classes. They then reach their full potential during the challenging yet very creative routines. Rosibel always guides you through the exercises so that you practice safely, pushing the limits of your body while discovering new yoga secrets.

Rosibel Márquez

I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you during the vinyasa yoga classes that I believe is one of the most powerful tools for our physical and spiritual transformation.



You will feel at home in the calm and pleasant environment of the Yogarden studio in Letná. Our three air-conditioned rooms are ideal for movement and exercise. Thanks to the various capacities of the halls, you are provided with unlimited space for movement and individual attention from the instructor.

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Looking for a course with an individual approach?

Limited number of participants per lesson

Thanks to the small number of participants, the instructor can give you individual attention, so you have room for questions and they can check your yoga technique.

8 intense lessons

Each lesson is designed to maximize your strength, flexibility and give you better control over your own body.

Motivating and friendly environment

In a group environment you will find the right motivation and the opportunity to share your successes with others.

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