Somatic yoga with Iara Lamat


Do you experience a disconnection from your body? Is chronic pain, anxiety, or digestive issues affecting you? Did you hear others talking about the good effect YOGA have in their life?

Would you like to bring real changes into your life style to be more healthy and happy?

If so, the ongoing deepening Somatic Yoga course might be the right choice for you.


"When the body's energy is unsettled, the mind is unsettled. When the body's energy is calm, the mind is calm. When the body's energy is congested, so is the mind. If the mind is scattered, the body's energy is scattered. You can't bring your thoughts to a place of clarity without also bringing the body's energy there"
- Philip Shepherd on Radical wholeness

Connect deeply with yourself through Somatic Yoga. In this immersive practice you will learn tools to slow down and connect with the Wisdom within. YOGA means Union, you will slowly recognize the symptoms of separation or disconnection. Over an 8-week period for individuals of all skill levels and fitness aspirations, we offer a harmonious blend of movement and mindfulness.

Embark on a journey of exploration as we guide you through fluid motions, we nurture your joints and spine, fostering their flexibility and strength. You will learn a lot about embodied anatomy. These techniques have proven to be instrumental in the rehabilitation of injuries and neurological ailments, providing a comprehensive approach to physical recovery.

Elevate your well-being, restore balance, and cultivate a deeper connection with your body and mind through the transformative practice of Somatic Yoga. It is clear that we will unpack the understanding of the nervous system and slowly you will be able to taste how we can calm down and become more resourceful.

Join us and embark on a path to enhanced vitality and inner harmony. You will certainly be happy to continue with the practice on a second Module.

Focus on

Chronic Pain:

Somatic Yoga focuses on releasing muscular tension and improving movement patterns, which can alleviate chronic pain caused by conditions such as back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort.

Stress and Anxiety:

The combination of movement and mindfulness in Somatic Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system and promoting relaxation.

Body Awareness:

Somatic Yoga cultivates a heightened sense of body awareness, allowing individuals to better understand and respond to their body's signals and needs.

Energy Imbalances:

Somatic Yoga aims to balance the body's energy flow, promoting a sense of vitality and well-being.

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Iara Lamat

"I'm a mover, a body explorer, a changing landscape with different weathers" I started teaching Yoga in 2010 after four years of study at "The Life Centre" London UK with a long background of Contemporary dance training and performance. Nevertheless I needed more internal change and healing. I was in the Amazon jungle for nine months, then I became pregnant with my first child and this opened up the topic of "trauma stored in the body". My next training was connected with understanding the Nervous system, Embryology, Somatic movement education – the Body-Mind Centric approach from Somatic Akademie in Berlin. My way of guiding the practice of Yoga is connected with all this knowledge. It is about Embodiment; it is about connecting with your inner power and peeling the layers of tension and old habits. It is about transformation.


You will feel at home in the calm and pleasant environment of the Yogarden studio in Letná. Our three air-conditioned rooms are ideal for movement and exercise. Thanks to the various capacities of the halls, you are provided with unlimited space for movement and individual attention from the instructor.


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